Blue Magoo is a cheerful and sleepy Indica popular in the Pacific Northwest. However, with a decadent sweet blueberry aroma, this relaxing flower makes for a superb evening treat for marijuana enthusiasts.


Lab Tested Results :

THC: 16%


CBD: 0.2%

Blue Magoo

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  • Blue Magoo Marijuana Experience

    This stain is an Indica Hybrid originally bred in Oregon back in the 1990s. Dj Short’s Blueberry and Major League Bud are the parents of this strain, both Indica Hybrids themselves.


    So, the effects of this herb are strongly physical. Though, the high isn’t all body. So, this strain is to inspire feelings of happiness, uplift, and euphoria. Many patients with depression enjoy this flower thanks to these mood-boosting qualities.


    However, the strength of the Blue Magoo strain can be felt in the body. A nighttime bud, this flower provides a calm, slightly hazy experience that will easily help marijuana consumers fall into a deep and relaxing sleep. However, this bud is not to provide the heavy-hitting couch-lock found in other Indica strains.


    Medical Benefits of Blue Magoo Marijuana

    Not a case of all style no substance, Blue Magoo offers medical marijuana patients relief from certain symptoms and ailments.


    Many medical cannabis patients pick up this strain for relief from pain, chronic stress, and insomnia

    This strain may also be helpful for those who struggle with appetite.  However, as this dreamy herb is to cause a serious case of the munchies